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    We seek to distribute a limited number of closed beta keys to Adventure RPGs enthusiasts! Stockholm, June 19, 2018 – Pendula Swing, the episodic adventure game set in a fantasy version of the American Roaring 20s, has officially started its Closed Beta Test via Steam. Ask for your closed beta key HERE (https://goo.gl/forms/xy4yc48H3FxoQI8r2) or by sending an e-mail to hello [at] valiant [dot] se. There is a limited number of beta keys. The keys will grant unlimited access to the first two episodes that are scheduled for launch later this year.

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    A handy Steam guide for Pendula Swing testing

    Pendula Swing is an episodic adventure game that uses fantasy tropes in an imaginary version of the American Roaring 20s to tell stories and ponder racism, prejudice and job loss due to technological advancement. We will release the first episode by the end of this summer, so while we are busy making pixel magic happen, we need fresh eyes to help us spot the errors as we develop the world of Pendula. Testing a game as early as possible with people outside the dev team is crucial. So we already started distributing a few keys for our testing branch on Steam. However, we are designing Pendula Swing more akin to TV…

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    An in depth explanation of our Pendula Swing Episodic release

    It is hard to sell games. As an independent game developer in this day and age, I am afraid. Pendula Swing is facing a fierce competition from companies infinitely more powerful and resourceful than us.  Only a fraction of independent developers manage to earn enough to stay afloat. We exist in an industry where mere sustainability equals success and where bootstrapped projects drown in a sea of abundance, regardless of their value. The indiepocalypse is upon us. “Your indie game will flop and you will lose money” We know. But what is perceived as such a great despair in the games industry is business as usual in pretty much every…

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    Pendula Swing goes episodic!

    The world is moving ahead! The word of Pendula Swing, that is 🙂 We are going episodic! While making games has become easier, selling them is certainly a challenge, especially when you compete with 200+ new titles launched weekly on Steam. Here at Valiant, we are profoundly aware of this and so we are going to have a distribution model inspired by the TV series industry: Pendula Swing goes episodic! We aim to release the Pendula Swing Pilot Episode for free this spring! We will follow up with 7 episodes that can be purchased one by one, or all together in the Pendula Swing Deluxe Edition. Subscribe to our Newsletter…

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    Did you say hi at Sweden Demo Day?

    In case you did, yay! Hope you liked what you saw. If you didn’t but wish you had – you’re always welcome to drop us a line: hello [at] valiant . se For the interested, Sweden Demo Day is a day when startups and investors meet and chat in a kind of open, chaotic, friendly environment.

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    LFM 4 Valiant!

    We’re Looking for More (that’s what LFM, above, means) people to join Valiant Game Studio! If you are an experienced artist, you should check out this job ad. We’re interested in talking to business/marketing people and programmers (Unity/C#, AI a big plus), so get in touch with us if that’s you as well! There’s a general application form on the job page.

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    New Advisory Board Member!

    We are proud to welcome the excellent Laura Bularca to our board of advisers! You can read more about her, and the rest of the people involved in Valiant Game Studio, here. So, what is an Advisory Board? Well, it’s different from the Board of Directors in that they do not have any formal responsibility for the company. They are mostly a group of advisers, who aren’t necessarily on a payroll but who have agreed to be a little bit more available for helping out and give advice, when needed. We’re very happy to have such brilliant people who believe enough in the company to want to support it with their…