Anna Jenelius

Anna has worked with games since 2011 – her first jobs were as a freelance artist and animator while getting her game design degree. In 2012, she join the industry properly when she became a QA tester at Paradox Interactive. When she left the company, 3,5 years later, she did so a Senior QA Manager at the Development Studio. The time had come to make games on her own, however, and that’s why she founded her first game company Talecore Studios. Six months later, she released her first title, Midvinter.

Since then, Anna has, besides developing on her second game, worked as a freelance narrative designer for Lionbite as well as taught game design at prestigious game development school Futuregames. Now, however, her focus is growing Valiant Game Studio into a flowering story-focused game studio!

In addition to making games, Anna also does public speaking as well as hosts one of Sweden’s biggest recurring gamedev meetups, Link in Park/Bar – among other things.