BRINDIE – affordable publishing for indies is a fixed and up front priced service for game developers. BRINDIE means ordering complete store pages and online presence creation for a fixed price. BRINDIE is currently in BETA and can be accessed here

“When we started to develop Pendula Swing, we considered finding a publisher. But our game is niche and we also wanted to maintain control over our games and our revenue sources. While there are many great publishers out there, we couldn’t find someone that targets our niche – which is meaningful, relaxing, thought provoking games. We then used the services of a marketing & PR company, but traditional games marketing also does not quite fit our players. So we self published. In our experience, the best action we took that yielded sales was to optimise our online presence.

Self publishing is definitely a doable task for any game developer like ourselves. But it is complex and time consuming especially because each storefront and online service has its own particular requests and special ways to optimise. We created what we now call BRINDIE Free while doing all this work for our game, Pendula Swing, primarily to help ourselves. Then we realised we have so many game developer friends in our situation – so we made all our vector templates available for free on GitHub and they were very well received.

This is when we realised there is no clear and upfront service to get help with this work. Thanks to suggestions from our indiedev friends, we designed BRINDIE Plus and On Demand. The idea is super simple: we create your store fonts and online presence based on your existing development materials and using our extensive experience.

We really hope that our services will be of use to any developer who prefer to invest time for development instead of branding and marketing. And we will continue to design comprehensive, clear and transparent branding, marketing and PR services for independent game developers like ourselves. ”

Laura Bularca, co-founder and CMO, Valiant Game Studio AB