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Proudly Announcing: BioSquare!

Valiant Game Studio is proud to announce a new project: BioSquare! In this free-to-play mobile game, you not only learn about real-life methods of fighting climate change – you will also be able to donate to NGOs and communities that are active in the crucial Sahel region in North Africa. […]

Introducing: Online courses!

We have something exciting going on at Valiant right now – that being a series of online courses that will kickstart your game development career! The first course, covering the basics of the Unity game engine, is already up, and we have more topics planned for the future. If you […]

The evolution of KreatureKind

IntroIf you have followed the development of KreatureKind during 2022, you might have discovered that… It’s been hard. To follow the development, I mean. This is because the development itself has, in fact, been quite hard. So has trying to find funding for this project. This has meant that energy […]

Follow Valiant on TikTok!

Apparently TikTok is a platform that’s a lot more fun to be on than expected, and it’s been interesting to reach out to new audiences with silly and (sometimes) educational content. If you want more frequent updates from Valiant, head over to @valiantgamestudio