Pendula Swing is a social puzzle game set in a fantasy version of the American Roaring 20’s.

A dwarf, a human, an orc, a goblin and an elf.

You are the dwarven hero who saved the world 400 years ago. Coming out of your solitary retirement, you rediscover a world that seems optimistic and glamorous on the surface, while at the same time facing complex social problems between goblins, elves, orcs, humans and dwarves.


The aim of Pendula Swing is to raise awareness on how prejudice and racism affects the everyday lives of people in the physical world, by using fantasy stereotypes. What happens when you keep assuming goblins just steal and aren’t interested in honest work? How do the elves feel about being the objects of adoration and sexualization? What would magic healers do in the advent of antibiotics?

Goblins fight for their right to vote

The game borrows the aesthetics of role-playing games such as Baldur’s Gate and Pillars of Eternity, but will give the player a more social experience. Instead of hitting people, you can talk to them in order to achieve your goal.

Pendula Swing is a single player episodic game spanning across 7 episodes. Each episode is a stand alone adventure, as well as a chapter in a larger experience.  The Pendula Swing Pilot Episode will be available for free this spring.