Public Display of Heroism, the 6th episode of Pendula Swing, is coming soon on Steam!

The hunt for her missing axe brings Brialynne to the seat of the academics in Duberdon. Could these scholars be the ones hiding her precious artifact? In Pendula Swing Episode 6 – Public Display of Heroism, you get to visit the Academic District, walk around the campus, discover an intriguing student life, read way too many books in the University Library and even attend an intriguing lecture in The Grand Lecture Hall. 

Newly added for you to explore & experiment with:

  • A brand new area which is the Academic District. It may sound academic-y, but you are or were a student once, if y’know what we mean
  • An entire Lecture Hall where you can actually attend a lecture which we think is not boring – but some of the students do
  • An exquisitely British looking Grand Library where you can read a lot of books, sure, but also….
  • …attend a very profound AAA meeting for people addicted to Dwarven Ale
  • Talking about happenings you can attend, there’s an entire Student Protest right in the campus, which you can help solve, if you wish
  • The protest involves the orc university called Stonefang, which lacks all kinds of resources but especially teachers
  • Obviously, you will experience student campus life. Some students are .. URGH! Some are pretty cool, though! 
  • ..and where there are students, there are also teachers. Some are extremely well known in their fields, and revered, too! Actually, more than revered – Brialynne can contribute to the beginning of a beautiful love story! …or not. Your choice.
  • Nothing academic about this, but we added WSAD support – you can also customise your keybindings! This is a pretty default feature, but we are fairly happy about it!
  • We added the ability to View Landmarks. Because they are pretty. And because we have a Dragon Statue – who doesn’t want to admire that? The View Landmark also works in the cinema, so you can watch your movie like a proper person, in the speakeasy so you can admire the band, and pretty much for every notable landmark in game
  • Speaking about watching a movie like a normal person, Brialynne can now Sit Down. Not just at the cinema, but in general
  • Brialynne can now pick up certain special items such as flyers and art and her axe (oups, that’s kindof a spoiler)
  • …and we added this because Brialynne is soon gaining the ability to use those pretty items to redecorate her home! For now, just the axe

If all goes well (and it will!), we will push the button on August 15!

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