Valiant Game Studio AB proudly introduces a new company: Pronoia AB

Stockholm 2020-08-31 – Valiant Game Studio AB is happy to introduce Pronoia AB, a brand new company that will publish Zestrea and other coming projects! Pronoia AB was born from a strategic decision to separate the growing branches of Valiant, and thereby better serve our fans. Pronoia AB will be headed by Laura Bularca, who up until now has run Valiant Game Studio AB alongside Anna Jenelius. 

Valiant will retain and nurture Pendula Swing, Midvinter, and coming titles in a similar vein. Pronoia will take over Zestrea, Brindie, and Kaleidocraft. Valiant and Pronoia will be independent entities, while at the same time continue to collaborate in a way that allows us to operate smoothly and serve all our fans in the best way possible. 

We’d like to thank you all for your past and continued support, and invite you to follow along on our respective journeys! If you wish to send a hug, make sure to include both and  

About Valiant
Valiant makes meaningful games that promote the underrepresented, instil hope and favour the journey. If you fancy narrative rich adventures and want to play digital games with a new type of heroes, this is a good place to start:

About Pronoia
Pronoia is a philosophy that the world is set up to secretly benefit people. This is the core principle of Pronoia AB, who develops and publishes works that depict utopias and optimism. Read more at