Pendula Swing Episode 4 “No Silver Spoons” now available for wishlist on Steam

The episodic adventure game set in a fantasy version of the American Roaring 1920s gets a fourth installment!


Stockholm, Sweden — February 5, 2019 — Valiant Game Studio AB today launched the Steam store page for the fourth installment of Pendula Swing, called “No Silver Spoons”. The latest episode will become available on February 28, 2019, as a Pendula Swing DLC for EUR 4.50/USD 4.99. The Pendula Swing Episode 4 – “No Silver Spoons” Steam store page is available here.

Pendula Swing Episode 4 – “No Silver Spoons” brings Brialynne to Old Town, a familiar part of Duberdon now in great disrepair, where she continues to search for her axe. In “No Silver Spoon”, players come face to face with the poverty of the 1920s – but also kindness and generosity. Desperation and hope walk side by side among the most disadvantaged minorities in Duberdon.

Pendula Swing Episode 4 – “No Silver Spoons” will require Episode 1 – Tired & Retired, which has been doubled in content, substantially improved and can be played for free.

You can wishlist Pendula Swing Episode 4 – “No Silver Spoons” here nowYou can also play the first 3 episodes of Pendula Swing, one by one or through the Pendula Swing Complete The Set bundle.

About Pendula Swing

Pendula Swing transports players to a fantasy version of the American Roaring 1920s – an age of glamour and innovation, but also of dramatic social and political change. In the city of Duberdon, elves, goblins, dwarves and orcs co-mingle with humans, raising complicated social issues such as prejudice, racism, stereotypes and the disparity between wealth and poverty.

Pendula Swing is an episodic point & click adventure game. Each episode spans approximately 40-60 minutes of gameplay, similar to a television series. Rendered in the beautiful art deco style made popular in the 1920s, the first episode of Pendula Swing is available for free. The Season will be composed of 7 episodes that can be purchased one by one for EUR/ USD 2.99-$4.99 depending on region and platform, or as an All Episodes pass with a discount of 30%.

Currently, the following Pendula Swing episodes are available on Steam:

Pendula Swing Episode 1 – Tired & Retired (free)

Pendula Swing Episode 2 – The Old Hero’s New Journey (Lunar Sale 20% discount – EUR 3,60)

Pendula Swing Episode 3 – Orcing Hard or Hardly Orcing (Lunar Sale 20% discount – EUR 3,60)

Pendula Swing Episode 4 – No Silver Spoons (wishlist now!) 


About Valiant Game Studio

Valiant Game Studio AB is a Stockholm based independent games studio founded by Anna Jenelius (Paradox, FutureGames, Lionbite) and Laura Bularca (FunLABS/ Activision, Milestone, SimBin, Sweden Game Arena).

We enjoy games that let us relax and that are focused on meaningful, thought provoking stories. We currently develop Pendula Swing, an episodic adventure game set in a fantasy version of the American Roaring 1920s. Pendula Swing is available on Steam for PC and Mac, and also on Google Play.

Because we believe everyone should have access to the best help to self publish games, like we do, and because we want to support diversity in the video games industry, we also make BRINDIE – affordable branding for indies. BRINDIE is a set of free tools and resources to help developers self publish their games, as well as a suite of publishing service packs at affordable, transparent prices. Visit BRINDIE now!

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Press Contact: Laura Bularca – ❤ FB/valiantgamestudio ❤